Etching with Copper Sulphate

Etching Zinc and Aluminium with Copper Sulphate Etching with copper sulphate is simple, affordable and safe. Learn how to use this historic acid free technique to etch zinc and aluminium. This workshop will cover all the basics of the process including: the recipe for and mixing the etching solution, using grounds, etching times, aquatinting and … Continue reading Etching with Copper Sulphate

Non-Etch Photo Intaglio Printmaking

Non-Etch Photo Intaglio Printmaking An introduction to non-etch photo gravure using photopolymer intaglio techniques. This workshop will cover all the basic elements needed to produce a successful print using photopolymer plates and anyone with an interest in etching will find this a fascinating and rewarding technique to master. Demonstrations will include laminating the film to … Continue reading Non-Etch Photo Intaglio Printmaking

Day Classes at CPW

Etching Copper with Ferric Chloride 6 x Day classes 1pm – 4pm Wed 27th November – 18th December 2019 / 8th January - 15th January 2020 Learn how to produce fine etchings in copper. This workshop is aimed at beginners and experienced printmakers alike and will cover all the main aspects of etching using traditional grounds with ferric chloride. … Continue reading Day Classes at CPW

Evening Classes at CPW

Printmaking for Beginners and Improvers 6 x Evening classes 6pm – 9pm Wed 27th November – 18th December 2019 / 8th January - 15th January 2020 This six-week course is intended as an introduction to Printmaking at CPW. Participants will learn about all aspects of the printmaking workshop including working with the etching press, inks and tools. The course … Continue reading Evening Classes at CPW