Based within two adjoining rooms of Market House, we are part of Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff. Cardiff Print Workshop are equipped to provide facilities for Etching, Aquatint, Photo Intaglio, Wood Block and Lino Cut, Cyanotype and Monotype Printmaking techniques.

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Gallery and work area:


We have two Etching Presses:

This press will print plates of up to A2 size (can be adapted to print relief blocks)

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This press is a large etching press and will print plates of up to A1 size (can be adapted to print relief blocks)


Ferric Chloride for etching copper:

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Copper Sulphate for etching Zinc and Aluminium:


Ultra-violet light source for exposing Cyanotypes and Photo Polymer Etching Plates:


Our Stone Lithography Press, Stones and processing unit are currently in storage: