There are still 1 or 2 places left for this weekend’s etching course. The course is for Saturday and Sunday and will cover etching Zinc or Aluminium with Copper Sulphate solution. This is a much safer and environmentally sound way of etching, in contrast to using acids. For more information or to book please see the website:


One thought on “Still places left for this weekend’s etching course

  1. Dear Bill,

    I am very tempted to sign up for the workshop. I took workshops with Sue but am nervous that I have forgotten a lot of the details of making the etchings. As a member, do I get a discount on this? Also, I wouldn’t be able to get to the Sunday session until about noon due to church obligations. I assume that would be OK. Do you know what I would be missing in those two hours?

    All the best, Tom Arthur



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