Weekend classes this autumn at Cardiff Print Workshop:



20th – 21st October 2018

10am – 4pm


Cyanotype is an antique photographic process distinctive for its Prussian blue monochrome prints. It was invented in the Victorian era but was quickly forgotten as photography improved, only surviving as a copying technique for documents and plans in the form of blueprints. Learn to mix and apply the chemicals to a variety of surfaces, expose objects and digital negatives, develop and tint the results.

The photocopy transfer workshop will explore the possibilities of collage using the technique of adhesive and solvent transfer transfer. Any printed material such as photocopies, magazines or newspaper may be used to create distinctive works of art on a variety of substrates.



24st – 25th November 2018

10am – 4pm


This two day course is intended as an introduction to Printmaking at CPW. Participants will learn about all aspects of the printmaking workshop including working with the etching press, inks and tools. Both days offer the potential for creative exploration and will provide a solid basis for further work in printmaking at Cardiff Print Workshop.

The first day will be spent exploring the art of Monotype the simplest and most direct form of printmaking and also one of print’s most under rated and expansive techniques. On the second day we will explore the art of Dry-point etching and Chine colle. This is a type of etching that involves scratching directly into the plate and printing from the lines that are drawn. There are many different ways to print these plates including methods derived from the monotype session the day before and using chine colle, a way of incorporating tissue paper and collage into the finished print.



15 – 16 December 2018

10 am – 4 pm


Monotype is one of the simplest and most direct forms of printmaking. The process involves applying ink to a plate that is then printed onto dampened paper using an etching press. As its name suggests it is a one off process that yields unique printed artwork and as such is the closest printmaking comes to painting. Over the course of the two days participants will learn a number of monotype techniques such as printing with leaves and feathers, using a roller and 3 colour reduction monotype. This technique involves using 3 separate coloured designs brought together to produce stunning combinations of layered tone and hue.


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