suusan edwards

Dry point etching and Collagraph prints 
A five week Course

Course fee – £100

Wednesdays 23rd January to 20th February 2019
1 – 3-30pm

Dry Point etching is the simplest form of etching.

The technique consists of scratching into the surface of a metal or plastic plate with a sharp point to create an image which is then inked up and printed on an etching press. Multiple images can be printed and the plate can be added to. The results are pleasing and similar to a soft pencil drawing.

No chemicals are involved.

Collagraph printmaking is a very creative method. The image is drawn onto a piece of card or plastic by using acrylic glues and other adhesives, cutting into the card to make grooves to hold ink and sticking materials to the surface. There is no end to the possibilities in making the plates.

The finished item is sealed, inked up and rolled through the press producing an exciting and unusual image.

Some materials are included in the price and there is room for up to 6.

Contact Susan Edwards to book:


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